January 19, 2018

Preparing Your Teenager For Life

I wrote the following article several years ago as my children were graduating high school and moving on to college. My children are all now fully functioning adults and I couldn’t be more proud. I now have the joy of working with many other families as they work on preparing teenagers to move on and […]

Rebecca Donaldson – Outstanding Homeschooled Teen

I am so excited to feature Becca Donaldson today on The High School Puzzle. She is passionate about helping others through an organization called Hope Therapy. Here is what Becca has to say about her experiences: My name is Rebecca Donaldson and I volunteer for a non-profit organization called Hope Therapy. Hope Therapy’s goal for existence […]

Mackenzie McGehee – Outstanding Homeschooled Teen

This month, I am featuring Champion show jumper, Mackenzie McGehee.  Mackenzie, another outstanding homeschooled teen, has just finished several months of national competitions with her horses and I’m excited to share part of her story here with you. Absolutely amazing! I’ve known Mackenzie for a couple of years and I notice that she always lights […]

Eva Baker – Outstanding Homeschooled Teen

Each month, I plan to feature a homeschooled teen and their outstanding accomplishment.  If you know of a teen that should be featured – please let me know!  It’s exciting to see what so many of our students have achieved. This month, I am excited to share the store of Eva Baker – a high […]