January 19, 2018

And the Winner is YOU!

As I’ve said before: “Teens!  This is the only time in your life when people want to give you money.  Get out there and get some of it!”  All types of agencies set up all types of scholarships for all types of students.  I had the honor of recently speaking to a group of teens […]

Last Minute Scholarship Opportunities – Oct 2015

As we come to the end of October, here are some last-minute opportunities you may want to take advantage of!     Doodle 4 Google 2015 Google is awarding a $30,000 scholarship to the best Google Doodle designed by a student.  This contest is open to K-12 and doodles must be submitted by December 7, […]

Homeschooling 12th Grade

This is the fourth in a series of posts on what you should expect to be doing in each of your high school years as a homeschooled student.  So, if this is your 12th-grade year – CONGRATULATIONS!  You have made it!  This will be the year that you put in the final pieces of the puzzle […]

College Scholarships for Homeschoolers – Nov. ’14

The theme this month is science!  If science is your thing, here are a couple of college scholarships for homeschoolers that you should check out. Science Sleuth  The premise behind this scholarship is to get more girls involved in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)  BUT, you don’t have to be a girl to participate […]

College Planning for 10th Grade

A few weeks ago, I began a discussion outlining an ideal plan for high school and we discussed some things students should be doing as ninth graders.  Let’s continue that discussion this week with a plan for your tenth grade students. Students in tenth grade should now be fully entrenched in high school level coursework. […]

Homeschooling Ninth Grade!

Let’s spend a little time talking about an ideal plan for each high school year.  Today I’ll deal with things you should be accomplishing in a student’s ninth grade year.  Please don’t hold to this exact schedule as each student is different, but let me at least give you an idea of things you should […]

High School Scholarships – September ’14

Here are a few high school scholarships that welcome applications from home educated students! Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Coca-Cola will be giving out  $20,000 scholarships to 150 students through their Scholars Foundation this year. This is a highly competitive scholarship competition for high school seniors.  Applicants must complete a detailed application giving information on their school […]

High School Scholarships – August ’14

Keepers of the Constitution: Service and Freedom Video Scholarship Contest For those of you who are into making short films – this scholarship is for you.  Using this theme, create an inspiring video about why our freedoms, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights are worth defending; the price for protecting our freedoms; and our […]

High School Scholarships – July ’14

I know it’s summertime – but we can still work on some scholarship money for college, so here are a few more opportunities that you may want to check out! High school scholarships can make all of the difference during those college years! Wells Fargo College STEPS Sweepstakes Wells Fargo wants to keep you informed […]

High School Scholarships – June ’14

Here are a few new ideas for those of you who are looking for scholarships for college. Which should be all of you! Family Travel Forum Teen Travel Writing Scholarship 2014  (now updated with the 2015 info) Are you heading someplace exciting this summer? If so, students in the 8th through 12th grades are invited to […]