January 19, 2018

Combining Homeschool Classes

When we get into high school we often get into the idea of putting credits into a box, or compartmentalizing everything.  We have a textbook for math, a textbook for science, a textbook for English ….. you get the picture.   But there is a great benefit to teaching living subjects, rather than just working […]

Earning a Homeschool Physical Education Credit

As homeschooling families, many of us have students that participate in sports or who participate in a consistent physical activity and we’d like to be able to give them a high school credit even though we have no textbook.  This means that we’re looking for some sort of standard to assure ourselves that our student […]

High School Courses – Take or Make?

Most of us have just finished with the school year, but I know that you are already starting to think about what classes you’re going to need to take next year, so I want to spend a few moments discussing various ways that high school students can take (or make) courses for high school credit. […]

Fine Arts Credit Homeschool

In addition to doing academic work, many of our students are involved in fine arts classes.  These can be things like music lessons, dance, sculpture, painting, etc.  In fact, because homeschooled students have more time available to them, they are often able to participate at higher levels in many of these fine arts activities. The […]

Assigning Grades and a Free Grading Rubric

We are now halfway through the school year and I’d like to talk with you about assigning grades.  One of the bad raps that homeschoolers get from the outside world is that our students all earn A’s because mom is assigning the grades.  And while we know this isn’t always true (sometimes it actually is), […]

Homeschool Science Labs In High School

In high school, students are encouraged to take several science courses, preferably with hands-on labs.  The study of the natural world is all about observation and one of the ways that students learn to observe in detail is through the completion of lab experiments. Most science textbooks contain experiments that correspond with the subject being […]

What Is A High School Credit?

No doubt, you have heard the word ‘credit’ before and you know that you need so many credits to graduate from high school – or so many credits to apply for college.  You have heard that some of these credits need to be ‘core credits’ and others can be ‘electives’.   But, just exactly what […]

Earning High School Credits In Middle School

UPDATE Sept. 2014:  Since the original writing of this post, the Florida Statutes have been updated and this line has been removed.  It is now addressed indirectly in the Middle School section of the statutes. However, I had the opportunity to query several college admissions officers recently about how they treat high school credits earned prior […]

High School Graduation Requirements

The law in many states, including Florida, does not outline the specific credit requirements for a homeschooled student to graduate from high school.   Nor does the state issue a diploma to home-educated students.  This means that you are responsible for determining which credits your student must earn before you declare them graduated and issue […]