June 22, 2018


Guidance Counseling and Transcript Building

  • Initial Consultation – $75
  • Transcript Building Service – $50  ($35 for a second student, same family, same appointment)
  • Follow Up Consultation – $50
  • Transcript Update – $25  ($15 second student, same family, same appointment)

Note:  Initial transcripts must be in conjunction with an Initial Consultation.  Transcript updates will be handled by e-mail unless you would like to schedule the update in conjunction with a Follow Up Consultation.  Please allow up to two weeks for transcript completion following our meeting.

 NCAA Paperwork

$50 per hour.  Minimum $250.  A typical package will take from five to ten hours to complete depending on the detail of the coursework done.  Please contact me HERE or at joanne@highschoolpuzzle.com directly for specific fees.