January 19, 2018

Piecing Together The High School Puzzle

Available at R.O.C.K. Solid, Inc.  Order yours today!

Piecing Together the High School Puzzle is THE book to get you through the high school years as a homeschooler.   This book has been helping homeschooling families for nearly ten years and although it highlights Florida homeschooling, you will find lots of helpful information no matter where you live.   The book contains details on:

  • Ways to obtain high school credits
  • Building a high school portfolio
  • Creating and maintaining a transcript
  • Calculating grade point averages
  • Evaluations and testing; especially college entrance and college-credit-by-exam tests
  • Diplomas
  • Applying for colleges, scholarships, etc
  • The fun stuff – like senior photos, graduation celebrations, caps & gowns and more
  • Record keeping – including lots of forms that you may want to use
  • Lists of resources and the accompanying web addresses

Originally published in 2004, the content is updated on a regular basis.   The general content has remained the same and any information that is subject to change will have the appropriate web links to help you keep current.  The latest update has just been completed and you can get your copy by following the link below to our distributor, R.O.C.K. Solid.

piecing together the high school puzzle

Available at R.O.C.K. Solid, Inc.  Order yours today!