January 19, 2018

New SAT/PSAT Test Overview

Here’s a wonderful overview of the upcoming changes to the SAT and PSAT.  This information was recently prepared by Jean Burk of College Prep Genius: THE BASICS: The new SAT will be in effect spring of 2016. The new PSAT will be in effect fall 2015. The College Board only released a full-length test at the […]

Homeschooling 11th Grade

Last month, I began a discussion outlining an ideal plan for high school and so far, we have discussed some things students should be doing as ninth and tenth graders.  This week, we’ll be talking about what a student should be focusing on in their junior year.  Homeschooling 11th grade will be a very busy year […]

College Planning for 10th Grade

A few weeks ago, I began a discussion outlining an ideal plan for high school and we discussed some things students should be doing as ninth graders.  Let’s continue that discussion this week with a plan for your tenth grade students. Students in tenth grade should now be fully entrenched in high school level coursework. […]

Homeschooling Ninth Grade!

Let’s spend a little time talking about an ideal plan for each high school year.  Today I’ll deal with things you should be accomplishing in a student’s ninth grade year.  Please don’t hold to this exact schedule as each student is different, but let me at least give you an idea of things you should […]

College Prep Genius

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the College Prep Genius Master-the-SAT Boot Camp.  When your student begins to apply for college and for scholarships, you will find that the college entrance test scores are very important.  Besides opening the doors to get into college – great test scores can also help PAY for college […]

P.E.R.T. – Postsecondary Education Readiness Test

Most colleges require an SAT or ACT score for admission.  If a student’s scores are weak in an area, the college may also require a college placement test to determine which classes a student will be placed in.  Many colleges will also use a placement exam as admission to their dual enrollment program.  The Postsecondary […]

The ACT Exam

One of the primary ways that colleges evaluate students for admission is through the use of standardized tests.  There are several tests available, but the two most commonly used evaluations are the SAT and the ACT.  Today, we’ll be discussing the ACT exam. The ACT is a knowledge-based test and contains four sections:  English, Mathematics, Reading, […]

High School Writing

I am a boring writer!  I’m pretty good at the spelling and grammar thing but when it comes to writing something interesting to read – I stink!  You see, I’m great about giving you details, I just can’t make it fun or easy to read.  So, alas, I’ll probably never be a fiction writer.  As […]

Secrets of the PSAT

A few weekends ago I had the wonderful opportunity to go to Wellington, FL and attend Jean Burk’s College Prep Genius SAT Bootcamps.  She does a phenomenal job of preparing students to take the SAT.  She and I would both encourage you to enroll your 9th, 10th and 11th-grade students for the upcoming PSAT.  Check out […]

High School Math

Math – you either love it or you don’t. But we all gotta’ do it.  In high school you will want to take a math course every year.  Sometimes that’s a good thing because it’s simply a logical progression of courses in math subjects.  But it can also be the elephant in the room – […]