January 19, 2018


It has been a joy and blessing to work with hundreds of homeschooling families over the years.  Here are a few testimonials that I have received and use here with permission.

~to your success!




“Piecing Together the High School Puzzle has been both helpful & inspiring for me.  Joanne Mastronicola has incorporated her own homeschooling experience in a very fun & organized way, to make other homeschool parents feel very relaxed and at ease..to know that there are tools & resources out there for us to access. This book was a tremendous blessing to me as a homeschool parent.  I would highly recommend “Piecing Together the High School Puzzle” as a must have.  Making your path a little easier.  Thanks Joanne!”

Charo Simpson


“I had confidently homeschooled my oldest since kindergarten, but as she entered middle school my confidence waned.  High school was right around the corner, and I had so many questions–What were my state’s high school graduation requirements and did I have to follow them?  What were colleges looking for?  When should we sign up for the SAT, and what about scholarships?  Enter, to my great relief, Joanne Mastronicola. Joanne had already been down this path, had done the homework, and had passed with flying colors.  Now she was willing to share that expertise with people like me.  I attended one of Joanne’s workshops, purchased her materials, and felt my confidence return.  The parent of a homeschooled high schooler becomes more of a guidance counselor and less of a teacher.  Piecing Together the High School Puzzle is like an on-the-job training manual for this new and unfamiliar role, and it is everything the parent-guidance counselor needs.  I highly recommend this book to anyone on or considering the homeschool high school journey.”

Barbie Towner


“As homeschool parents for over fifteen years, one would think we would have it all figured out. However, nothing prepared us for the challenges we would face as we prepared our teen for high-school. We were overwhelmed with questions about our child’s high school credits, volunteer hours, testing, preparing for dual enrollment and the steps needed as we now plan for college. Thankfully, you were able to walk and talk us through each step, answering every question with simplicity, even for those who are intimidated by what seemed to be at times, a dreadful process. Our sincere appreciation.”

The Rouch Family