January 19, 2018

Homeschooling 12th Grade

This is the fourth in a series of posts on what you should expect to be doing in each of your high school years as a homeschooled student.  So, if this is your 12th-grade year – CONGRATULATIONS!  You have made it!  This will be the year that you put in the final pieces of the puzzle […]

Combining Homeschool Classes

When we get into high school we often get into the idea of putting credits into a box, or compartmentalizing everything.  We have a textbook for math, a textbook for science, a textbook for English ….. you get the picture.   But there is a great benefit to teaching living subjects, rather than just working […]

Earning a Homeschool Physical Education Credit

As homeschooling families, many of us have students that participate in sports or who participate in a consistent physical activity and we’d like to be able to give them a high school credit even though we have no textbook.  This means that we’re looking for some sort of standard to assure ourselves that our student […]

Finding A Career Path – Helping Your Teen

I raised three children and just as God planned it, they were all interested in following different paths for their lives. We have to remember that one of our most important jobs as a homeschooling family is to help our teens with finding a career path. My oldest, lovingly called “the nerd” by her siblings, […]

High School Courses – Take or Make?

Most of us have just finished with the school year, but I know that you are already starting to think about what classes you’re going to need to take next year, so I want to spend a few moments discussing various ways that high school students can take (or make) courses for high school credit. […]

The Importance of Driver’s Ed

One of the things that teenagers look forward to is being able to drive the car.  Depending on the family, this can be a relief since you won’t need to chauffer your teen around all the time – or it can be a scary thing as you watch your young driver move out from under […]

High School Science Requirements

When you look at a list of requirements to graduate high school or the required courses needed in order to apply for college you will almost always see a specified number of science credits – and usually it will be required that the majority of these credits have a lab component.  This simply means that […]

Advanced Placement Courses

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program® is an academically challenging set of courses.   These courses are taught at the college level and in order for a course to receive an AP designation the course content must be approved by the College Board. If a student successfully completes the AP exam at the end of the […]

Distance Education Or Online Learning

A distance learning course is one in which work is laid out for your student, typically online, and is graded or evaluated by someone other than the parent.  Often distance learning courses will keep records for you and provide documentation for a transcript and a diploma upon completion. You may choose to do your entire […]

High School Science Projects

Science is my favorite subject!  It’s what I teach.  I think I like it because it’s such a hands-on subject.  It’s all about discovery and getting your hands dirty.  Unfortunately, when we get to high school, we often turn science into a bunch of facts to memorize.   Though not always practical on a daily […]