January 19, 2018

Homeschooling Ninth Grade!

Let’s spend a little time talking about an ideal plan for each high school year.  Today I’ll deal with things you should be accomplishing in a student’s ninth grade year.  Please don’t hold to this exact schedule as each student is different, but let me at least give you an idea of things you should […]

High School Resume

There are so many things that a student does while he or she is in high school that just does not fit into an academic category and therefore do not show up on the student’s transcript.  Yet, these are often the things that make a student stand out.  In today’s blog, I want to encourage […]

The Homeschool Portfolio

Those of us who homeschool in the state of Florida are required by law to keep a portfolio of work done. Don’t allow the thought of a homeschool portfolio to strike fear in your heart! Regardless of where you homeschool, however, I recommend that you build a strong portfolio of work done during your high […]