January 22, 2018

Florida Legislative Updates March 2017

The latest from our Homeschool Lobbyist – Brenda Dickinson 2017 Bill Announcements Districts  Interpretation of the Home Education Law Brenda Dickinson, President of the Home Education Foundation, has been working since last summer to attempt to resolve by negotiation and education some of the issues which have arisen around the state challenging the freedoms of […]

Do you need to take the GED®?

So … how do you prove that your student is ready to graduate from high school? For many folks, it’s all about a test and one of the tests that comes to mind is the GED – the General Educational Development Test. The GED is used to determine if a student has the knowledge equivalent […]

Mackenzie McGehee – Outstanding Homeschooled Teen

This month, I am featuring Champion show jumper, Mackenzie McGehee.  Mackenzie, another outstanding homeschooled teen, has just finished several months of national competitions with her horses and I’m excited to share part of her story here with you. Absolutely amazing! I’ve known Mackenzie for a couple of years and I notice that she always lights […]

Eva Baker – Outstanding Homeschooled Teen

Each month, I plan to feature a homeschooled teen and their outstanding accomplishment.  If you know of a teen that should be featured – please let me know!  It’s exciting to see what so many of our students have achieved. This month, I am excited to share the store of Eva Baker – a high […]

We Have Winners!

Thanks so much to all of you who participated in my very first give-away on The High School Puzzle.  I am so excited to announce the ten winners! Julie Colleen Andrea Brenda Amy Marla Emma Laura Kimberly Lynn You will each receive an email from me later today with all the details on how to […]

My First Give-away!

As promised, I am giving away 10 copies of “Piecing Together The High School Puzzle”! Enter today to win one of 10 free books! There are several ways to enter: Click right HERE and you will be directed to an entry form.  You can enter simply by entering your name and email and even earn […]

It’s Launch Day!

Greetings!  Today is the day we officially launch the Piecing Together the High School Puzzle website!  Hopefully, you arrived here because someone encouraged you to come check us out.  Once you’ve taken a look around, please encourage others to visit us as well. Attempting to homeschool through high school can feel daunting but I am […]

Welcome To The High School Puzzle!

Welcome! My name is Joanne and I, like many of you, have been homeschooling for many years – in fact we started over 25 years ago.   I began homeschooling my children back in the ‘80s, right after the homeschool law came into effect in Florida.  (Shout out to Craig and Brenda Dickinson and then-Representative […]