January 19, 2018

Guidance Counseling

Remember your high school guidance counselor?  He or she was just down the hall and they were the one who helped you write your high school schedule, suggested classes to take, made sure you took those college entrance exams and guided you through the college application process?

Guidance Counseling

There’s a lot to navigate!

Now that you are home schooling, you don’t have someone just down the hall to help you with these types of questions – that’s where this website comes in. As a seasoned home school mom and home education consultant I work with families every day to help them piece together their very own high school puzzle. Allow me to provide you with the high school guidance counseling you need!

As we continue to build the site, you will find enough information here so that you can take the DIY approach and be your own guidance counselor.  You can also find all the information you need right now in my book: Piecing Together the High School Puzzle. But for those of you who would like someone to walk along beside you, I also offer both guidance sessions and transcript building services.  No worries if you don’t live in North Florida where I am – we can also hold sessions via Skype.

The typical guidance session usually takes about an hour and we can use the time to plan out four years of high school or determine where you are now and what you need to finish the course.  We can also discuss college entrance exams and applications, the scholarship process – or just a little bit of everything.  Feel free to include your student(s) in our session.

After our initial session, you may feel comfortable in building your own transcript, which is great!   If not, I am happy to offer that service to you as well. I will gather your information and create a transcript which I will then send to you.  You will own the transcript and be responsible for signing it, attesting to all the work that has been completed.

Once we have had our initial session, you may feel the need for follow-ups.  Just contact me when you want to meet and we can schedule a 30-minute or 60-minute time to get together – depending on what you need.

Contact me HERE or email me directly at joanne@highschoolpuzzle.com.  I look forward to hearing from you!

~to your success,


(Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane at FreeDigitalPhotos.net)