January 19, 2018

Rebecca Donaldson – Outstanding Homeschooled Teen

I am so excited to feature Becca Donaldson today on The High School Puzzle. She is passionate about helping others through an organization called Hope Therapy. Here is what Becca has to say about her experiences: My name is Rebecca Donaldson and I volunteer for a non-profit organization called Hope Therapy. Hope Therapy’s goal for existence […]

Community Service Ideas For Teens

Spring is coming and it’s time to become active again.  I’ve already posted a few times about ways that teens can volunteer in their community, but here’s a list of websites that can help you search out your own places to serve. There are so many reasons to volunteer in your community! Community Service Ideas […]

Community Service Ideas for High School Students

Many of you are actively involved in serving your community and I say applause, applause to you!  Although I realize that you aren’t doing it for the pat on the back – kudos to you for giving back to those around you.  Others of you would love to take part in community service, you just […]

Volunteer Community Service!

There are many reasons to serve as a volunteer in your community and we often encourage (or entice) high school students to serve by tying their community service to scholarship money.   And while this is a good reason to get out there and serve as a volunteer – please don’t let it be your […]