January 22, 2018

Homeschooling 11th Grade

Last month, I began a discussion outlining an ideal plan for high school and so far, we have discussed some things students should be doing as ninth and tenth graders.  This week, we’ll be talking about what a student should be focusing on in their junior year.  Homeschooling 11th grade will be a very busy year […]

The ACT Exam

One of the primary ways that colleges evaluate students for admission is through the use of standardized tests.  There are several tests available, but the two most commonly used evaluations are the SAT and the ACT.  Today, we’ll be discussing the ACT exam. The ACT is a knowledge-based test and contains four sections:  English, Mathematics, Reading, […]

High School Math

Math – you either love it or you don’t. But we all gotta’ do it.  In high school you will want to take a math course every year.  Sometimes that’s a good thing because it’s simply a logical progression of courses in math subjects.  But it can also be the elephant in the room – […]

College Entrance Testing – An Overview

Students who wish to go to college will have to prove that they are academically ready by receiving certain test scores on a college entrance exam.  There are several exams available, but the most commonly used methods of testing are the SAT and the ACT.  College entrance testing can be stressful but early preparation will […]