February 22, 2018

And the Winner is YOU!

As I’ve said before: “Teens!  This is the only time in your life when people want to give you money.  Get out there and get some of it!”  All types of agencies set up all types of scholarships for all types of students.  I had the honor of recently speaking to a group of teens […]

College Planning for 10th Grade

A few weeks ago, I began a discussion outlining an ideal plan for high school and we discussed some things students should be doing as ninth graders.  Let’s continue that discussion this week with a plan for your tenth grade students. Students in tenth grade should now be fully entrenched in high school level coursework. […]

High School Scholarships – Dec. ’13

Merry Christmas!  Here are a few more opportunities to earn some scholarship money.  Take a look at these three websites and see if your student may be eligible to apply: JFK Profile in Courage Essay Contest This essay contest is open to high school students in grades nine through twelve.  With a deadline of January […]