January 22, 2018

College Prep Genius

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the College Prep Genius Master-the-SAT Boot Camp.  When your student begins to apply for college and for scholarships, you will find that the college entrance test scores are very important.  Besides opening the doors to get into college – great test scores can also help PAY for college as many scholarships are tied to a student’s SAT or ACT test scores.  So preparation is crucial.  In fact, if you have a choice between taking an additional class or preparing for the SAT – I always recommend that you spend your time preparing for the test.

College prep genius

Over the years, I have looked at several SAT preparation programs out there and hands-down, my favorite is College Prep Genius. This program has been out for several years now and has a proven track record.  Students who have taken the course have raised their test scores anywhere from 200 to 600 points.  Jean Burk designed the course to teach students the strategies behind the test questions. 

The SAT is a logic-based test and YES, the questions are written to make you think (i.e., trick you). The CPG course walks students through each section of the test showing them how to approach the various question types, improving a student’s ability to quickly weed out the incorrect answers.  

I am excited to be a College Prep Genius instructor. Our latest class here in Jacksonville had over 20 students and we spent the weekend going through each section of the test, learning the strategies and then practicing – lots of practice.  One student left me this comment:  “Enlightening!  The tips, tricks, and problems are all well thought out and well… genius.”

The Boot Camp is a ten-hour course often held over a weekend.  First-time students pay a fee of $249, which includes all of their materials.  Siblings and previous students have a discounted fee. This is a great investment as students who apply what is taught often earn scholarships worth thousands of dollars.  The family that hosts the class can have their students attend for free.  And, as an added bonus, that family will also receive the complete VocabCafe Book Series (a great way to study vocabulary words found on the SAT) and the book High School Prep Genius!   You will find all of the hosting details HERE

I recommend that students begin taking the PSAT in the 9th grade and the SAT by the end of their 10th-grade year.  This gives them plenty of time to get to know the test, to find their strengths and to work towards the highest test scores possible by the time they begin to complete their college applications.

During these years, students should plan to spend 150 hours preparing for the SAT (that’s about the time you spend earning a credit in Algebra 1).  This may sound like a LOT of time – but students will spend that amount time preparing for a sport, earning a black-belt, learning to dance, etc. – why not also spend time earning your money for college?  The financial payoff can be huge!

If you are interested in hosting a College Prep Genius class in your area, contact me right here using the contact form and we can help you get started.   

NOTE: The SAT will be updated in 2016, but it will still be a standardized test of patterns and time management.  College Prep Genius helps you work quickly and efficiently, recognizing those patterns.

~to your success!



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