January 22, 2018

FLVS Concerns Addressed by HEF

In a recent post, I mentioned the importance of The Home Education Foundation in Tallahassee.  Florida Virtual School recently began asking students to provide a social security or student ID number and Brenda Dickinson immediately dealt with the issue of releasing personal information. FLVS quickly responded and the problem has been resolved.  See the details by […]

4-H Club, Homeschooling, and Highschool

When my children were younger, we had the opportunity to join a local 4-H club and for a variety of reasons our family chose not to follow that path.  I think this is one area that if I had to do it over again, I would have done it differently.  I think I had the […]

Support Homeschool Organizations

If you are currently homeschooling, you are the beneficiary of many who have gone before you and paved the way, as well as many who are still working diligently on your behalf.  In this post, my goal is to encourage you to be an avid supporter of both your local homeschool groups and those homeschool […]

College Fairs

In a student’s junior and senior years of high school, we typically encourage families to begin seriously researching colleges.  This would mean going to the college website, gathering their admissions materials and eventually visiting the college campus.  A few times a year, however, students can take advantage of college fairs – an event where many […]

Homeschool Science Labs In High School

In high school, students are encouraged to take several science courses, preferably with hands-on labs.  The study of the natural world is all about observation and one of the ways that students learn to observe in detail is through the completion of lab experiments. Most science textbooks contain experiments that correspond with the subject being […]

Eva Baker – Outstanding Homeschooled Teen

Each month, I plan to feature a homeschooled teen and their outstanding accomplishment.  If you know of a teen that should be featured – please let me know!  It’s exciting to see what so many of our students have achieved. This month, I am excited to share the store of Eva Baker – a high […]

Earning High School Credits In Middle School

UPDATE Sept. 2014:  Since the original writing of this post, the Florida Statutes have been updated and this line has been removed.  It is now addressed indirectly in the Middle School section of the statutes. However, I had the opportunity to query several college admissions officers recently about how they treat high school credits earned prior […]