January 22, 2018

Community Service Ideas For Teens

Spring is coming and it’s time to become active again.  I’ve already posted a few times about ways that teens can volunteer in their community, but here’s a list of websites that can help you search out your own places to serve.

community service ideas

There are so many reasons to volunteer in your community!

Community Service Ideas For Teens:

A few specific to counties in Florida: Updated July 2016

Several state-wide organizations:

And a few nationwide search engines:

Remember, if you want to use your volunteer hours to aid in qualifying for scholarships, be sure to request a confirmation letter from the organization with which you volunteer.  The letter should be on the organization’s letterhead and should give the date(s) and number of hours you have spent working with them.


~to your success and thank you for serving!


Image courtesy of cooldesign / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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