January 22, 2018

When To Use Homeschool Tutors

Many parents feel that they cannot possibly teach all the “difficult” high school courses. And, often rightly so – especially if you have more than one high school student. It is not an admission of weakness to seek outside help. Sometimes that means taking advantage of local classes, but it can also mean using tutors for some one-on-one assistance for your student.

Homeschool Tutors

A tutor can be particularly effective as they work one on one with your student.

Sometimes you will need a tutor simply to help you “over a hump” – but often you will need a tutor to get through an entire course. I have found this especially true when you reach the higher level math courses.

There are many tutors available to help your high school student. Some tutors will advertise their services via your local home school group. Others can be found by word of mouth. These are often school teachers or homeschool parents with an area of expertise who are looking for some additional income. Or – you may find a more advanced high school student or even a college student with strengths that can benefit your student.

Some tutors travel and will come to your home, others will require you to deliver your student to a specified location. And, my favorite – many tutors now work via video chatting services on the internet. Most tutors have a set fee (and may include a travel fee if they come to you), while others will not and will determine a fee depending upon the level of assistance that you will need. I do recommend that you compensate your tutor in some manner. You will find your tutor more reliable if they are receiving some sort of income.

If you cannot afford to pay for these services, you may be able to barter for them. We have a wonderful teacher in our area that has chosen to stay home with her young children. Rather than accept payment for her services, she often barters for them. She has received appliance repair, complete carpet cleanings, major yard work, tile work, house cleanings, etc. in exchange for tutoring. To find a tutor near you, check your local homeschool group’s website, or just ask other families in your area. If you are interested in being a tutor – just put the word out. Families need you!

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