January 22, 2018

Distance Education Or Online Learning

A distance learning course is one in which work is laid out for your student, typically online, and is graded or evaluated by someone other than the parent.  Often distance learning courses will keep records for you and provide documentation for a transcript and a diploma upon completion.

Distance Education and Online Learning

If only school work actually looked like this!

You may choose to do your entire high school work via this method, or only use it to obtain one or two courses.

The benefits to this type of work are that someone oversees your student’s progress and will maintain your records.  An independently motivated student will do well with these types of courses.

There are many, many distance learning courses available – simply do an internet search for homeschool distance learning courses and you’ll see what I mean (over a million hits when I tried it).  Be sure to research each carefully – asking to see samples of curriculum and confirming exactly what you get for the fee they charge.  Often there are tiered fee schedules – one fee for the course, another for keeping records, etc.

Some well-known distance learning courses are:

Florida Virtual School is a popular choice for homeschoolers.  Because online classes are also available to public school students, be sure to follow the homeschool links and register as a homeschooler with FLVS.  If not, you will find yourself in the public system with an assigned guidance counselor and required courses.    If this has happened to you, simply call FLVS and they can help you re-label yourself in their system.

FLVS has added some very interesting courses over the last few years including Forensic Science, Law Studies and Creative Photography.  You may also contact Florida Virtual School by calling 800-374-1430.

Florida Virtual School offers many Honors and Advanced Placement courses.  Registration is open year-round and classes are generally filled on a first-come, first-served basis (with some exceptions, such as a senior needing a specific course to graduate.)  Florida residents may take these courses at no charge.  Non-Florida residents can follow the FLVS Global links for fee-based courses.  All three of my children have taken advantage of these classes and we have found them to be a convenient way to pick up courses each year.  You will find the content both complete and challenging.

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