January 22, 2018

College Credit by Exam – Not Just CLEP

Many of us are familiar with CLEP exams.  These are tests that students can take in a specific subject area to show their mastery in that subject.  These test scores can then be taken to their college and a student can receive credit there – without actually taking the college course.  We call these types of tests college credit by examination.  Well, in addition to the CLEP exams provided by the CollegeBoard, there are several other testing systems available – many of which are readily accepted by colleges and universities.

College Credit by Exam

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Probably the second most popular are the DSST exams. There are currently over 2000 colleges and universities that accept DSST exam scores.  Originally designed for the military to give credit for material learned through experiences, these exams are now being offered to all adult and high school learners and the subject matter extends beyond the traditional academic subjects covered by the CLEP tests.   There are currently more than 35 subject-level DSST exams and they cover things like specific areas of history  (Ex.: A History of the Vietnam War), business, criminal justice, ethics, anthropology, health, psychology, money and banking, physical geology, public speaking, and more.  You can take a look at the list HERE. If these are areas your student is proficient in, you may want to consider taking one of these tests.

Another set of exams are offered by the Excelsior College Examination Program.  This program has over 40 exams in traditional academic and business courses but you will also find exams in the area of nursing and a few in music.

College credit by examination can save a student tuition expenses, as well as time, as they pursue their college degree.  College credit is awarded by the individual college or university so you will want to check with your college of choice to determine whether the specific tests will be accepted and what scores they want to see.  Often a college will list accepted subject exams on their website.

There is merit in the experience of taking a college course, especially in the area of your degree, but if you are able, you may want to consider testing out of some courses.  These additional testing programs will give you access to more subject matter – so take a look and see if your student’s expertise lends itself to any of these additional tests.

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